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Every human being
has a right to live life
to his or her fullest potential.

Desperation and fear
are Mankind's oldest enemies.
A society may fairly be judged
by the extent to which it spares
its most vulnerable citizens
from having to endure them.

Self-sufficiency is less satisfying
to the soul than caring
for one another.

As Mankind truly is one family,
what benefits any one of us
enhances the lives of us all.
Those of us with greater needs
enable their loved ones
by enabling them to feel needed.

Make it possible for people
(both the less and more fortunate)
to achieve peace of mind.

To love another
means you can't feel things
are okay until you know
they feel that way.
Your peace of mind
depends on knowing you've helped
bring peace of mind to the other.

Live and help live
Provide a person
with the means to live
a fuller life and you give more
meaning to yours.

Help those with special needs
attain greater independence
and security.

If only the strong were to survive,
wouldn't all of our lives
be greatly diminished?

Prepare. Protect. Provide.
The families who count on us
expect nothing less.

What is Protected Tomorrows®?

Protected Tomorrows, Inc. is an advocacy firm that enhances the lives of people with special needs through a comprehensive life planning process. We create Future Care Plans™ which address the needs of the individual with developmental disabilities, mental illness, physical disabilities, or cognitive and neurological diseases in the following areas:

  • education
  • residential
  • financial
  • legal
  • health care
  • government benefits
  • employment
  • recreation

The Future Care Plan is a comprehensive way to approach and address the fears, hopes and dreams of families with a special needs member whether that member has a developmental disability like autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome or Angelmans syndrome; mental illness; other diseases such as Parkinson’s, Lou Gehrig’s (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), and Multiple Sclerosis, or cognitive disabilities such as Alzheimers and dementia in aging family members.

How does Protected Tomorrows help families with special needs?

The first step is to work with the family and/or the individual with the disability to identify the needs.  We work together to develop a plan, identify potential solutions, and implement the plan.  We can help in many formats depending upon the goals and needs of each family. 

We serve as a resource with our connections to legal, financial, medical and social service professionals; parents and other family members; providers; and other advocates working together to find innovative solutions for families.

We help families work through the quagmire of government benefits and the application process for their loved one.

We inspire real change in the special needs community through presentations and workshops on life planning focusing on family communication, special needs trusts and government benefits.

Who are Protected Tomorrows® Advocates?

Our Advocates are professionals with a personal understanding of the unique family dynamics associated with a person with special needs. Many of our Advocates are family members who themselves have been personally impacted by a family member.

Our Advocates come from all walks of life. They have experience in social services, business, finance, education, and medicine.

Our Advocates give families peace of mind and the realization that their fears will be addressed and understood.

Our Advocates want to make an impact in the lives of families with special needs.

Work with an Advocate Become an Advocate

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